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Energy and Environment in China

Arthur Kroeber’s book on China’s economy includes an excellent section on energy but a rather selective account of its environmental issues. Arthur Kroeber’s book China’s Economy in Oxford University Press’s What Everyone Needs to Know series (1) deserves a wide … Continue reading

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Managing Natural Capital

A critical analysis of Dieter Helm’s ‘Natural Capital: Valuing the Planet’. Contents Introduction The Asset-Based Approach The Importance of Natural Capital Valuing Natural Capital Natural Goods – and Bads Sustainability and Renewable Natural Capital Sustainability and Non-Renewable Natural Capital National … Continue reading

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A Key Technique of Environmental Economics

Dynamic optimisation, also known as optimal control, is one of the most important techniques of environmental and natural resource economics.  Although it’s difficult,  the basics should be a compulsory element of graduate-level courses in these fields. I managed to get … Continue reading

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No Flood Insurance Subsidy for New UK Homes

A scheme to reduce the cost of insurance for UK homes at risk of flooding comes into effect today.  Some of the details can be criticised, but the exclusion from the scheme of new homes is absolutely right. Flooding in … Continue reading

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