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Behavioural Economics and Environmental Valuation

The behaviour on which revealed preference valuation methods are based almost inevitably results from thought processes involving bounded rationality.  What does that imply for such methods? The insights of behavioural economics have been applied to many sub-fields of economics, and … Continue reading

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Sensitivity to Zone Definition in the Zonal Travel Cost Method

How sensitive are regression estimates based on aggregated data, zonal travel cost datasets for example, to the particular form of aggregation?  Here I present an answer for one simple case. Originally posted 21/3/2016.  Re-posted following site reorganisation 21/6/2016. This is … Continue reading

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Precision in the Zonal Travel Cost Method – A Case Study

Zonal travel cost studies often rely on very small datasets. Conventional estimates of precision are unreliable in those circumstances. Originally posted 19/6/2015.  Re-posted following site reorganisation 21/6/2016. The zonal travel cost method (ZTCM) for estimating the use value of recreational … Continue reading

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Zone Definition and Travel Cost Valuations

The literature on the zonal travel cost method (ZTCM) contains occasional suggestions that results can be sensitive to zone definition. My exploratory analysis strongly supports this view. Originally posted 14/5/2014 as “The Travel Cost Method – Another Pitfall”.  Re-posted following … Continue reading

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