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UK Government Approves New Coal Mine

The long-delayed decision on the proposed West Cumbria Mining project in Cumbria, England, has been announced, to widespread criticism from the Climate Change Committee and others. The BBC’s report of the decision and reactions is here. The analysis of the … Continue reading

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Climate Change and a Proposed Coal Mine

A proposed new coal mine in Cumbria, England has prompted vehement arguments for and against.  The underlying problems are a flawed policy framework with insufficient international coordination. To its supporters it’s a no-brainer.  The mine will produce coking coal, an … Continue reading

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Constant Consumption with Resource Depletion

I present here a defence of the following proposition: to maintain consumption per person in the long run as non-renewable resources are increasingly depleted, the world needs technical progress so that we can obtain more output from available resources.  The … Continue reading

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The Oil Demand Debate

Improved fuel efficiency and substitution of natural gas will restrain world oil demand over the next decade.  But will these effects be enough to offset increasing demand from emerging economies? This important debate could be sharpened by clearer economic language. … Continue reading

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