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Housing Reform in England

Housing in England is under-supplied, resulting in high costs.  The government’s proposed reforms to address the problem are a step in the right direction but do not go nearly far enough. I don’t usually engage in autobiography, but it so … Continue reading

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No Flood Insurance Subsidy for New UK Homes

A scheme to reduce the cost of insurance for UK homes at risk of flooding comes into effect today.  Some of the details can be criticised, but the exclusion from the scheme of new homes is absolutely right. Flooding in … Continue reading

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Water: a Commodity AND a Human Right

The European Union has established a procedure for citizens’ initiatives.  The first such initiative to meet the threshold of 1 million signatures asks the EU to legislate to implement the human right to water, and to promote the public provision … Continue reading

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Groundwater Extraction and Sea-Level Rise

The global consequences of groundwater extraction have received less attention than many other environmental issues.  Here are the main points, in Question and Answer form. Does groundwater extraction contribute to sea-level rise? Yes, at a global level.  A basic principle … Continue reading

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