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Fish Imports, Tariffs and Conservation

A recent paper proposes that, post-Brexit, the UK should lower tariffs on imported fish to benefit consumers.  That may be a good idea, but the effect on fish stocks in the regions of origin should also be considered. The Institute … Continue reading

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Fishing and Economic Welfare

Within a static model of a fishery one can identify levels of fishing effort for maximum yield, maximum profits and maximum welfare. Where demand is downward-sloping, effort for maximum welfare will normally be above that for maximum profits but below … Continue reading

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Brexit and Fisheries

If the UK left the EU, it would take its sea fisheries with it. It’s outside the scope of this blog to give a view on whether the UK should remain within or leave the European Union; most of the issues … Continue reading

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Fish Stocking – A Case for Benchmarking

The performance of England’s Environment Agency in respect of fish stocking is hard to judge.  The numbers it has published don’t help very much.   A recent press release by England’s Environment Agency reports that in 2015 it released record numbers … Continue reading

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