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The Economics of Urban Rainwater

Lack of natural drainage in urban environments can lead to flooding and pollution.   Economics can help find appropriate solutions. There is a furore in Maryland, USA, where many residents will soon have to pay a “stormwater management fee” based on … Continue reading

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Groundwater – the Essentials

Everyone is familiar with water in the form of rain, rivers, lakes and seas.  But  groundwater is less well-known.  Here are the essentials, in Question and Answer form. What is groundwater? Underground water in saturated layers of porous rock or … Continue reading

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Beyond the Drought: Water Allocation in the UK

Water allocation in the UK needs reform.   Current arrangements rely too much on administrative controls – such as hosepipe bans – and not enough on prices. There is said to be a drought in much of southern and eastern England.  … Continue reading

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A Key Text on Water

Some thoughts from an economic perspective on  Water for Food: Water for Life: A Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture (1) The publication of this book in 2007 was an important event in the field of water resources management.  … Continue reading

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