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Time to Relax London’s Green Belt?

Any reform of London’s Green Belt should be informed by economic assessment of the environmental value of Green Belt land. A feature of land use policy in the vicinity of London is the designation of large areas as Green Belt, … Continue reading

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Cities and the Environment

Environmental economics can be an important tool in urban planning.  It can also inform discussion of the place of cities in a sustainable world. When I first studied environmental economics, cities seemed to make only the occasional guest appearance in … Continue reading

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Green Space: An Important Use of Urban Land

How much green space does London have?  Does it have more or less than other major cities?  These simple-looking questions are not so easy to answer. I enjoy walking in parks and woodland, and over the years have visited many … Continue reading

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The Economics of Urban Rainwater

Lack of natural drainage in urban environments can lead to flooding and pollution.   Economics can help find appropriate solutions. There is a furore in Maryland, USA, where many residents will soon have to pay a “stormwater management fee” based on … Continue reading

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